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This Week's Astrology Term: The Houses

The houses in a horoscope are the twelve sections into which the circular chart is divided. The division of the horoscope into houses overlays the division of the horoscope by the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The sign that intersects the house twobeginning of one of the houses (in a counterclockwise direction) is said to “rule” that house.

The numbering of the houses begins with the Ascendant or the eastern horizon as represented by the chart. The sign on the Ascendant (or Rising Sign) is therefore the “ruler” of the first house. If Libra is your Ascendant or Rising Sign, for example, Libra would therefore be the ruler of your First House. In most cases, this would make Scorpio the ruler of your Second House, Sagittarius the Ruler of your Third House and so forth.

Astrology, Amy Winehouse and  the '27 Club'

Amy WinehouseThe recent death of Amy Winehouse has spurred renewed interest in the “27 Club,” famous musicians who died when they were 27. The 27 Club had its origins in the death of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, all of whom died between 1969 and 1971. More recently Kurt Cobain and now Winehouse have been added to the group.

The astrological significance of age 27 lies in the fact that it is one year short of what we call the first Saturn Return. This is the return of transiting Saturn (Saturn in the sky now) to the place it occupied on the day of a person’s birth. This occurs around age 28 and represents the period when a person fully accepts the role of an adult in his or her social structure. This transition typically manifests in a significant event in the person’s life. This may be marriage, the birth of a child, completion of your education or apprenticeship, your first “serious” job or a promotion to a position of authority. Whatever form it takes, it is a time to accept responsibility and recognize that your actions impact many people other than yourself. Your bad behavior can no longer be excused because you’re “just a kid.”

The O’Neal Wars: Ryan vs. Tatum

Relationships between parents and their children are often just as complex and problematic as relationships between lovers. The reality show on the OWN Network featuring Ryan O'Neal and Tatum O’Neal is a classic example. Tatum,tatum_and_ryan_oneil sober after years of alcohol and drug abuse seeks to reconcile with her father, Ryan, a handsome and classically self-involved actor whose career seemed to run out of gas after he starred in a couple of hit movies in the 1970s. The most memorable of those hits, Paper Moon, featured Tatum as his precocious nine-year-old co-star.

A comparison of the horoscopes brings out one striking factor. Tatum’s Moon in Cancer is very close to Ryan's Ascendant. A connection such as this shows us that there is natural affinity and a very positive emotional bond between these two people. Tatum is an important part of Ryan’s sense of self. She signifies his identity as a father and, despite all indications to the contrary, his identity as a good father.  For Tatum, the conjunction means that she sees her father as an important factor in her emotional well-being, that she seeks protection and security in his presence. This is a wonderful indication of a close father-daughter relationship. Unfortunately, nearly everything else in the two horoscopes points in the opposite direction.

Astrology and the Crash of 2008

The 1930s vs. Now: An Astrological Comparison

Astrologers connect the economic disaster of 2008 to a particular arrangement of the planets Saturn, Uranus and Pluto that began in Nov. 2008 and will continue through March 2015. What is remarkable is that there was a very similar arrangement of Saturn, Uranus and Pluto at the beginning of the Great Depression.

depression_eraThis aspect “officially” began when the 90 degree aspect between Saturn and Uranus became exact in March of 1930. This, of course, was several month after the Oct 1929 stock market crash but that is not as odd as it seems. Financiers and even politicians had been aware of the tremendous bubble that had emerged in the stock market long before Oct. 1929 and most considered “the Crash” as a painful but necessary correction. It was only when the economy failed to rebound in early 1930 that these experts began to worry.