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January Jitters

Though this is supposed to be the time of year when everyone is focused on Christmas, a lot of astrologers are much more concerned with what might happen after Christmas, and I don’t mean a New Year’s Eve party. They are looking at the aspects that are lining up in January, some with gleeful anticipation, some with nervous dread and most with a combination of both.

In January transiting Saturn will align with transiting Pluto. The aspect will be exact on January 11 but it will be within a one degree orb for most of that month. Usually, aspects between slow moving planets like Saturn and Pluto have three hits or more but this aspect will only be exact this one time. This could be seen as lessening the impact of the aspect. It could also be seen as making this contact even more intense.

The history of aspects between Saturn and Pluto is not good. During the first weeks of World War I, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct. During the first few weeks of World War II, Saturn and Pluto were square. On Sept. 11, 2001 Saturn and Pluto were opposed (off by four degrees, but still ominous). There have been other aspects between Saturn and Pluto that did not result in war or a major terrorist attack, but the aspect is generally accompanied by an increase in international tension.

Joe Biden and What a Difference Five Minutes Can MakeBidenJoeImage

Sometimes people get a little miffed with astrologers because we are so insistent about getting the exact time of birth. “It’s nice that your mom remembers that it was around sunrise,” the astrology says, “but what’s on your birth certificate.” And even when we have a documented time,  if it appears as if it has been rounded off to the nearest hour or half hour, we get suspicious.

Here’s why: the degree of the Ascendant and the Midheaven (along with all the corresponding angles) moves around one degree every four minutes. It might not make any difference to you if you have seven degrees of Gemini rising instead of six but can make a lot of difference to an astrologer, particularly when he or she is timing aspects that will be impacting your horoscope. That one degree discrepancy can make a huge difference in this timing.  

An example of this is the horoscope of Joe Biden. (Click on Joe Biden to see the chart.) His time of birth is given as 8:30 AM. It comes from him to an astrologer named Celeste Longacre. We don’t know where Biden got this information. It might have been on his birth certificate, though in Pennsylvania (where he was born) the time of birth was not always recorded. It might have also come from one of his parents, a birth announcement or some other source. The important thing is that it appears to have been rounded off to the half hour.

Kamala Harris on the Ropes

After a brief surge after the first debate, the presidential campaign of Kamala Harris has struggled to maintain momentum. As her poll numbers have dropped, Harris’ has been forced to cut staff and focus her attention on making a good showing in Iowa. However, a letter released by an aide (who recently resigned) makes such a breakthrough seem unlikely.

The letter describes the Harris campaign as in disarray and accuses Harris of mistreating her staff, of laying people off days after they were hired or shortly after having them move to a new city. It also claims that Harris has no real strategy to win in Iowa. In light of this apparently meltdown I thought we might look at what is going on in Harris’ horoscope right now. (Click on Kamala Harris to see the chart).

The aspects impacting Harris’ horoscope right now are focused on her natal Venus. Saturn is almost exactly trine her natal Venus, which is conjunct Pluto in Virgo. Meanwhile, Neptune is closing on an opposition to the same planet. Actually, Saturn and Neptune have been trading aspects to Harris’ natal Venus pretty much all year.

Following the Moon: Nov. 26, 2019MoonImagePurple

The Full Moon chart for Nov. 12 struck me as strangely benign considering what was happening in Washington during the past two weeks. (Click here to see that article and the chart.) We heard a lot of testimony that should have shocked everyone but half the nation seems to have ignored it. Republicans in congress held fast to their president’s story that nothing untoward happened and the polls have not shown much movement in public opinion.

As promised, there were rumblings of things going on behind the scenes, such as the connections between the Republican Leader, Devin Nunes, and Rudy Giuliani, and President Trump’s surprise trip to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lindsay Graham’s decision to open an investigation into Joe Biden and his son is loaded with subtext since Graham and Biden have been good friends for years and there is no evidence of impropriety in Biden's dealings with Ukraine or his son.

Essentially, it would seem that Venus square Neptune in this Full Moon chart, along with Neptune trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, has had us all asleep for the past two weeks. We may have had some disturbing dreams of a President of the United States shaking down a foreign leader for dirt on a political rival, but about half of us chose to hide our heads under the covers. That's about to change, because the chart for today’s New Moon is going to be hard to sleep through. (Click here to see the horoscope.)