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Jussie Smollett, or How to Mess Up a Saturn TransitSmollettJImage

Normally, I would not even consider writing about a horoscope like Jussie Smollett’s unless I had a confirmed time of birth. That’s because both the Sun and the Moon changed signs, from Gemini to Cancer, on the day he was born. However, because of all the problem now swirling around Smollett, I’m going to go out on a limb and say he must have been born in the early morning, with the Sun and Moon both in Gemini.

The Smollett affair began on Jan. 22 when he received an anonymous letter that threatened him with death that was signed MAGA. Then on Jan. 29 he was allegedly attacked by two men in ski-masks who beat him and taunted him with racial slurs and references to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan. During the next two weeks the alleged attack inspired both sympathy for Smollett and outrage at the overt racism and homophobia this attack represented. And then it all fell apart.

Following the Moon: Feb. 19, 2019

I had my doubts about congress coming to an agreement to prevent another government shutdown, even though I said the New Moon chart for Feb. 4 indicated that it could. It turns out that I was wrong and the chart was right. However, I was right about Trump declaring a state of emergency in order to circumvent congress. I attributed this to Jupiter square Neptune in that chart: extravagant spending (Jupiter) for an illusionary purpose (Neptune). (Click here to see the article and chart for Feb. 4.)

The one thing I don’t mind being wrong about was the square between Mars in Aries and Pluto. I had feared that we might get another mass shooting like the one in Las Vegas a couple of years ago or a terrorist attack. We did get another mass shooting (in Aurora, Ill.) but, tragic as that is, it was not as bad as I had expected with this aspect. (This is where we are in America in the 21st Century. Five innocent people are gunned down by a disgruntled co-worker and it's not all that remarkable.)

We did see evidence of this bullying square between Mars and Pluto in President Trump’s blatant attempt to push aside the will of Congress. Mars is in the Tenth House of leadership in the Feb. 4 chart conjunct radical Uranus. The square to Pluto represents strong-arm tactics.

Robert Mueller in 2019MuellerImage

It’s the stone-faced elephant in the room, or at least in the Oval Office: the Mueller investigation. When will it end? What will it reveal? WHEN WILL IT END? The President’s people play nonchalant, acting as if their guy is already in the clear. The President’s enemies are like children on Christmas Eve, with visions of indictable offenses dancing in their heads. And we won’t know who’s got it right until Robert Mueller crosses that final T.

The recent ruling on the Paul Manafort case seems to be a step toward completion. It also seems that Mueller has established that Manafort gave data from the Trump campaign on prospective voters to a Russian citizen with contact to Putin’s government. Right now Saturn is trine Mueller’s natal Mars which is an indicator of progress, but also of caution. The puzzle might still have a few pieces missing.

The Contenders: Howard Schultz

So far I’ve focused on Democratic candidates for president in 2020, and from the looks of it I’m going to have several more of these to write about. However, the potential candidate who is causing the most stir right now is talking about running as an independent. That’s Howard Schultz.

We don’t have a time of birth for Schultz, which is particularly problematic because his Moon changes signs on his date of birth. A morning birth would put it in Libra and an afternoon or evening birth would have it in Scorpio. From the little that I’ve read about Shultz, I could make an argument for either sign. (Click on Howard Schultz to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)