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Following the Moon: Apr. 7, 2020MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the last New Moon (click here to see the article and the chart) I said that we would gain greater clarity about the situation with the Coronavirus during the last lunation period. I think that is true. Even President Trump seems to have recognized the seriousness of this disease. He abruptly dropped his predictions of an Easter turnaround and his comments are now more in line with what the experts are saying.

Of course, I also said that what would become clear would not necessarily be good news, and it isn’t. What we now know is that the peak of infections has yet to come and that things are likely to get a lot worse before they get better. Overall, this New Moon chart was positive but in these times “positive” is a relative concept. It might be a while before we like back on last two weeks as the “good ol’ days.”

I also predicted that congress would finally get a stimulus package passed that it would stop the bleeding on Wall Street, at least temporarily. One thing I didn’t foresee, however, was Trump’s firing the inspector general who handled the whistleblower complaint that got the President impeached. I missed the fact that Mars conjunct Pluto is a prime indicator of malicious revenge.

The (Partial) Horoscope of Dr. Andrew Fauci

One to the bright spots in this administration’s response to the Coronavirus has been Dr. Anthony Fauci who, as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, has become the point person for the President’s Covid19 task force. Even though Fauci’s expert opinions have been frequently contradicted by President Trump, Fauci has shown remarkable poise in this role and has become the voice of authority coming out of what has otherwise been a lot of mixed messaging.

We don’t have a time of birth for Dr. Fauci so the best we can do is a chart done for noon on his date of birth. (Click of Dr. Anthony Fauci to see the horoscope.) Fauci is a Capricorn by Sun sign with the Moon in Scorpio. He is definitely a focused individual and someone who keeps his personal opinions to himself. For a Capricorn the job, the mission or the task at hand is the only thing. Any concern that does not have a practical connection with that task is simply pushed to the side.

However, there is also a lighter side to Dr. Fauci. He has Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and his Sun is trine Jupiter. This is a person who can hold on to his Capricorn seriousness and still maintain a sense of  humor. Unlike many Capricorn’s, Fauci is a natural optimist and some of that optimism shows through even when the doctor is making dire predictions about the future course of this disease.

Donald Trump: Between Jupiter and a Hard PlaceTrumpMiddleImage

The messaging with regard to the Covid-19 virus has settled into a pretty clear pattern. On the one hand we have governors around the country and health officials in Washington worried about people getting sick and dying. On the other, we have Donald Trump worried about what the crisis is doing to the economy. Both these worries are legitimate, it’s just when you’re lying in a hospital bed on a ventilator the Dow Jones Average is not likely to be your chief concern.

Also, President Trump often differs with his advisors on the Corona virus and local officials in his optimism. This began early on in the crisis and it has become a constant refrain. “Don’t worry. In a couple of weeks it will all be over.” Of course, those weeks pass and the death toll keeps going up. And yet, Trump is now telling us that the country will be "open for business" by Easter. Where is all of this optimism coming from?

Right now, in Donald Trump’s chart, (click on Donald Trump to see the horoscope) we have two things going on. Transiting Pluto is opposite his natal Venus and Saturn while transiting Jupiter is currently opposed to Trump’s Saturn and within two degree of opposing his natal Venus. Jupiter opposing Venus is a particularly optimistic aspect. For some it is an aspect for falling in love. For others it is an aspect for focusing on material and physical pleasures. Of course, since the aspect is an opposition, there is always the possibility of going too far with these good feelings.

Following the Moon: Mar. 24, 2020

The last Full Moon chart (click here to see the article and the horoscope) had Neptune conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon and I predicted that we would be seeing a lot of misinformation with regard to the Corona virus. This has certainly been the case and, unfortunately, most of it seems to be coming from our president. However, I also predicted that other agencies would pick up the slack. That has turned out to the governors of various states who have come forth as voices of authority even as the White House has dithered.

I also predicted that there would be an “alienation of affection” involving people in the administration. I thought it might be the departure of another high level official. Instead, it seems to be taking place between President Trump and the health officials who keep contradicting him. The one big “fail” in my analysis of the last lunation chart was my fear that Mars sitting on the Descendant of that chart indicated extreme violence. Thankfully, I was wrong about this. Of course, the people who’ve been infected, along with the ones who have lost their jobs and otherwise had their lives turned upside down by this virus probably feel a bit like they've been punched in the face.