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Following the Moon Nov. 30, 2020

I thought that the placement of the Sun and Moon near the I.C. of the New Moon chart for Nov. 15 (click here to see the article and the chart) indicated a significant event would occur. It did. Even though President Trump hasn’t stop claiming victory and his hopeless legal assault on the vote continues, the fact that he released the transition funds was a big step toward the peaceful transfer of power which has been the great miracle of our democratic system since  its inception.

I also predicted that the opposition to Mercury in that chart by Uranus would bring us a shocking court decision. Even though it wasn’t really surprising, the ruling by the Supreme Court to override New York’s ban on religious gatherings shows us that this new, conservative Supreme Court will put the principles laid out in the Constitution above science and human life. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it is something we are going to have to live with for the next several decades.

I had hoped that the positive aspect between the three planets in Capricorn and the Sun and Moon in the Nov. 15 chart indicated a let up in the surge of COVID-19 cases. No such luck. Instead, this sextile seems to have produced an increase in public complacency which, in turn, led to way too many people traveling to be with (and spread illness to) relatives and loved ones across the country.

Trump Throws in the Toweltrumpimage

Yesterday, Donald Trump put on his big boy pants and freed the transition money that will allow the Biden team to move forward with their preparation to take over the White House. This happened just as transiting Jupiter moved within a one degree orb of an opposition to Trump’s natal Venus. I had expected this change in attitude to take a bit longer, but I did predict that a shift would come with Jupiter moved into this opposition aspect.

Of course, Trump has been liberating himself from the job of being President for a while now. He more or less skipped the G7 meeting and has been spending the majority of his time on the golf course. What the Jupiter aspect brings him is a more open view of future. It is a future in which he still owns the Republican Party and can continue to exert tremendous power without onerous duties of the presidency.

Article in The Mountain Astrologer

Last January I gave a lecture to my local astrology group on what we had to look forward to in 2020. Since everything I had read from other astrologers was so negative, I decided to find something positive to say. At first, it didn’t seem likely. And then I took a longer view. I used that longer view in my lecture and then wrote it up as an article that appears in the latest issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

During 2020 transiting Saturn and Pluto were opposite Mercury in the Sibly chart for the U.S. (Click on Sibly to see the chart.) Since this opposition involved the Second and Eighth Houses, both of which deal with finance, a lot of astrologers were predicting a serious economic downturn. (No one that I recall was predicting a pandemic, but predictions are as dependent on the imagination of the astrologer as they are the astrology.)

In the Sibly chart, natal Mercury is opposite natal Pluto. I decided that, instead of just looking that just the aspects to Mercury, I would consider the aspects to the Sibly Mercury and the Sibly Pluto as a unit. I looked back at American history to see what had happened previously during the periods when aspect like these were taking place. What I found was actually rather encouraging.

Following the Moon: Nov. 15, 2020GGAMoon

I feel pretty good about the way the Full Moon chart for Oct. 31 described the election. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Uranus played it’s part by giving us the highest voter turnout in a century. This planet of surprises also shocked Democrats by reversing some of their gains in the House and depriving them (so far) of a majority in the Senate. However, in the end, Venus (which was on the Midheaven of this chart) won out and the voice of the people was heard.

I was glad to see that the violence that was indicated by Mars squaring Jupiter did not erupt at the polls. Instead, the warrior planet was represented by our ongoing war with COVID-19, a war that that is creating an ever increasing number of casualties. The square of Mercury to Saturn, which lasted all the following week, perfectly described a week of high anxiety for people on both sides of the electoral divide.

The New Moon chart for Nov. 15 is a somewhat different animal. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) It is a chart of equivocations and contrast.  We have the Sun and Moon sextile the three planets in Capricorn (Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn) and Venus square those planets. This is a classic combination of “good” and “bad” aspects. Some of us are going to get what we want and others are going to be profoundly disappointed.