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Mohammad in the Library with a Bone SawSalmanMBImage

The disappearance and apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi is not the sort of murder mystery in which we need to go searching for clues. The perpetrators were actually filmed entering the scene of the crime with the murder weapon. The only open questions are whether anyone will ever be punished for the crime and how much damage this atrocity is going to do to Mohammed bin Salman, the current head of the Saudi government.

To answer these questions I decided to look at the horoscope of M.B.S (as he is called in the press.) We don’t have a time of birth for him, so I did the chart for noon on his birthday. (Click on Mohammed bin Salman to see the partial horoscope.) M.B.S. is a Virgo by Sun sign with the Sun quincunx Jupiter. His assent to power was seen by many to herald a new beginning in Saudi Arabia. He represents a new generation and he seemed to be prepared to modernize the kingdom. He cracked down on corruption and gave Saudi women the right to drive cars.

However, a look at this chart shows that bin Salman personality is much more influenced by authoritarian Saturn than liberating Jupiter. Saturn is in the Fixed sign of Scorpio and square Mars and Mercury in Leo. Saturn is generally conservative, and particularly so when in a Fixed sign. The square to Mars and Mercury describes a methodical thinker who actualizes his plans with hard-core determination and cold efficiency.

The Pelosi Problem

With the midterm elections nearing, political ads are proliferating, and one name seems to crop up over and over in ever state and every congressional district: Nancy Pelosi. Republican candidates all across the country use this name like an incantation. Say it enough times and Republicans will come out of the woodwork to vote. Pelosi has become the universal symbol of everything Republicans hate, from abortion to background checks.

I thought it might be interesting to look at Pelosi’s horoscope to see why she is the object of all this ire. We don’t have a time of birth for her, so the chart is done for noon on her birthday. (Click on Nancy Pelosi to see the partial horoscope.)

Hurricane Michael and Localizing AstrologyHurricane image

One of the questions that is often asked of astrologers is why this place gets a natural disaster that that place doesn’t. There is no easy answer to this question. There are so many factors to consider. However, the hurricane that is now ravaging the panhandle of Florida does provide us with an interesting opportunity to localize astrology.

A few days ago I did my regular “Following the Moon” article for the New Moon for Oct. 8 and I wrote that the aspects indicated that a power beyond our control would be impacting the nation. Among the powers I mentioed as possiblities was a force of nature. Hurricane Michael, the worst hurricane to hit this continent in decades, certainly qualifies as a force of nature. But the horoscope I used for that article was set for Washington D.C. A horoscope done for Panama City, Florida tells us the rest of the story. (Click here to see the horoscope.)

Following the Moon Oct. 8, 2018

The Sept. 24 Full Moon chart, with both the Sun and the Moon square Saturn (click here to see the article and the chart) promised a challenge to figures of authority. Obvious, we saw that in the Bret Kavanaugh hearings. But, as I said, the energy in that chart strongly favored the masculine and the establishment. Republican’s somehow managed to forget about Ms. Ford’s moving testimony and Kavanaugh’s disingenuous response and push the appointment through.

We didn’t get the “shock to the system” that I had expected with Mars square Uranus in that chart. (The Senate confirming Kavanaugh might count, except I don’t think anyone was really shocked.) However, there was a minor shock the day after the Full Moon, when President Trump was laughed at during his speech to the U.N. It’s hard to call yourself the leader of the free world when the free world is laughing at you. To me that seemed like a shocking slip in the prestige of the United States.

I was a little uncertain about where the recent revelations about the Trump family taxes fit into this chart, then I noticed that Pluto was in the 8th House (associated with inheritance) and the planet that rules the 8th, Saturn, is square both the Sun and Moon. Using the Koch house system, the Sun is in the 4th house which rules home, particularly the home of one’s childhood. The New York Times article strongly indicates that cheating the system has been a part of Trump’s life since he was a small child.