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Contenders: Phase Two – Stacey Abrams

I guess that is was inevitable that with well over twenty contenders for the Democratic nomination for president, we would at some point start a list of multiple contenders for vice president. Any of our presidential contenders will be on that list if they fail to get the stop spot but, just to make things interesting, we have a new person under consideration: Stacey Abrams.

Abrams, of course, captured liberal hearts when she ran for governor of Georgia. Affection for her in these circles only increased when she had the election essentially stolen from her by her opponent, who used his control over who got to vote and the allocating voting machines to gain an advantage. (A perfect example of what happens when you have power without principles.) Now Abrams has stated that she would be open to the second slot on the Democratic ticket.

We don’t have a time of birth for Abrams but even without it, the power of this horoscope is evident (Click on Stacey Abrams to see a chart done for noon on her date of birth.) Mars and Uranus are in an exact (to the minute) opposition. This aspect creates the potential for phenomenal originality and brilliance. It also describes erratic behavior and arrogance. Abrams seems to have those latter qualities under control, and she has certainly taking full advantage of the former.

Following the Moon Aug. 15, 2019MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the last New Moon (click here to see that article and chart) I promised shocking, Uranian events. We got that in spades. First we had the I.C.E. raid that took child separation to a new level. (I had said that the events might involve the entertainment industry, since the Sun and Moon were in the Fifth House, but the Fifth also rules children.) Then the shootings in Dayton and El Paso. And, finally, the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein.

I also predicted that it would be a difficult two weeks for Donald Trump. The I.C.E. raid was bad for the President’s image, but the fact that the El Paso shooter practically quoted Trump in his “manifesto” made it worse. On top of denying that his rhetoric was racist, the President had to go through his usual (Gemini) two-sided commentary on gun control (“Yes, we need background checks, but those folks down at the NRA certainly are nice to me.”). This was followed by a disastrous “Empathy Tour” of the sites where the shootings took place. Then, one of Trump’s good friends and vocal supporters, Anthony Scaramucci, announced that he no longer supports the President’s reelection.

The “Mooch” Moves On

Last week I happened to see Anthony Scaramucci on the “Bill Mayer Show” and I was surprised at how his support for his good friend and former employer, Donald Trump, (though briefly) had softened. After all, Scaramucci had written a book labeling Donald Trump as the “Blue-collar President.” Now I read that Scaramucci has declared that he is withdrawing his support for President Trump and begging the Republican party to find a new candidate for 2020. What caused this remarkable transition?

 First of all, Scaramucci is a Capricorn by Sun sign. (Click on Anthony Scaramucci to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) Capricorns tend to be loyal, but they are also practical. They don’t go chasing after lost causes. A Capricorn will follow his or her leader until it makes much more sense to do otherwise. Then they will change directions without remorse of regret. They’re doing what is necessary. What is practical. When a Capricorn heads for his or her bomb shelter it usually time to wish you’d stored more bottle water.

Jeffrey Epstein’s SuicideEpsteinJeffImage

I have to admit that I’m kicking myself a bit because I didn’t spot the possibility of suicide in Jeffrey Epstein’s horoscope back in July when I first looked at it. Of course, we have no time of birth for Epstein and I was mainly concerned with the timing of events. Still, the indicators were so obvious that I’m surprised that I missed them. (Click on Jeffrey Epstein to see a partial horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.)

First of all, we have Saturn square the Sun in the natal chart. This is a classic indicator of the “never enough” syndrome. No matter what the person accomplishes in life, there is a voice inside his or her head saying it’s not enough. This aspect often appears in the charts of people who are extremely ambitious and successful. It also show up in the charts of people who are filled with self-doubt and plagued by depression. And, sometimes, they are the same people.

In the chart done for noon, Epstein’s Sun is in Aquarius. Aquarian have an innate objectivity that often helps them deal with psychological issues like this. However, if Epstein was born shortly after midnight, his Sun would have been placed in Capricorn. No sign is more prone to fall prey to the “never enough” syndrome than Capricorn. It could be said that Capricorn’s are primed at birth for this sort of fallacy.