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Robert Hanssen: The Aries SpyHanssenR Image

The death of Robert Hanssen, former F.B.I. agent and convicted spy for the Soviet Union, reminded me of the great interest I took in his horoscope back in 2001 when was arrested. Hanssen has to dubious honor of being the double agent who did the most damage to U.S. intelligence interests during his absurdly long career as a spy. He didn’t do this for political reasons. After his arrest Hanssen claimed his motive was entirely financial. However, many feel that there was another reason his 30 year campaign of betrayal. He was really pissed off.

What made Hanssen so angry was the fact that he was not promoted by the F.B.I. at a rate that he felt was commensurate with his intelligence. He was an Aries by Sun sign and, like most Aries people, he was ambitious. The fact that people who wer, in his opinion, far less brilliant than he were getting promoted over him left this Aries feeling frustrated, and there is few things more dangerous to peace and harmony than a frustrated Aries. (Click on Robert Hanssen to see the chart.)

Following the Moon: June 3, 2023

The New Moon chart for May 19 gave us all the tension I had expected. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Fortunately, the positive aspects to the Sun and Moon in that chart outperformed the very negative T-square (with Mars, Pluto and Jupiter) and we got a positive outcome. The disaster of a default on the national debt was averted.

Of course, the deal came at a cost. Both progressives and MAGA conservatives have major issues some of the things that are in the bill, and some things that are not. One collateral casualty was Biden’s plan to cancel student debt, which was voted down by the Senate. This is something I should have seen coming in the May 19 chart. Jupiter was anchoring the big T-square in the Ninth House which rules higher education.

If all goes as planned the debt ceiling bill will be signed by President Biden before the Full Moon comes along tomorrow night. However, that chart makes it pretty clear that, even with the debt limit bill signed, we are not yet out of the woods. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.)

Following the Moon: May 19, 2022GGAMoon

We saw the disruptive influence of Uranus in the Full Moon chart for May 5 (click here to see the article and the chart) very early in this lunation cycle with the verdict coming down against former president Donald Trump in Jean Carroll law suit. Then, later in the lunation period, we had Congressman George Santos being indicted. I had expected surprising developments involving people in power (Uranus conjunct the MC) and these two incidents certainly fit that bill.

However, there were several other issues that I thought might be blown open by Uranus, such as the allegation against the Biden family and Justice Thomas, Donald Trump’s other court cases and the debt limit controversy, that are continuing to simmer. What those issues may be waiting for is coming up with the New Moon Chart for May 19, which is a chart loaded with ominous potential. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.)


Saturn Calls on Ron DeSantis

The tough immigration bill that Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, signed a couple of days ago has drawn a lot of attention. It includes provisions designed to prevent illegal immigrants from getting employment, holding driver's licenses and seeking medical care. The signing of the bill was timed to rebut new federal immigration guidelines and embarrass the Biden administration. However, whether DeSantis knew or not, it was also timed to coincide with an important Saturn Cycle transit in DeSantis’ horoscope.

Saturn is currently just a few minutes of the arc away from opposing natal Saturn in DeSantis’ chart. (Click Ron DeSantis to see a horoscope done for noon on his date of birth.) It's no secret that DeSantis is planning to run for the Republican nomination in 2024 and the signing of the new immigration bill looked more like a campaign event than official State business. Though DeSantis has yet to announce his candidacy, this Saturn transit tells us that the signing of this bill was the actual kick-off for his campaign.

Saturn transits to it natal place occur around every seven years. They often mark changes in your physical circumstances, particularly your career. These transits typically bring us challenges and a lot depends on how you handle those challenges. Saturn cycle aspects tend to reward hard work, solid planning and integrity. Lapses in any of these areas, on the other hand, are apt to be exposed during these transits and we suffer the consequences.