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The Hard Horoscope

Ancient astrologers pulled no punches when it came to interpreting the aspects and placements within a horoscope that they considered “bad.” If you had afflictions involving the Twelfth House, you were going to end up in prison. The Moon in its detriment in the Eighth House and receiving an “evil” aspect from Saturn meant that a woman would bring about your death. Not exactly uplifting stuff, but these old guys weren’t interested in making people feel good. Life was hard and they were just trying to keep up.

Modern astrologer, even those using ancient disciplines like Hellenistic astrology or Indian astrology, are much more circumspect in the way they read hard aspects. After all, people generally have more options these days and better able of ameliorate difficult circumstances by making positive decisions. Still, some horoscopes are more challenging than others and more likely to present an individual with obstacles.

I was reminded of this the other day when I was doing some research on Albert Einstein. I came across the horoscope of his first wife, Mileva Maric-Einstein. While Albert’s chart was, overall, relatively positive, Mileva was born with a horoscope that could definitely be characterized as hard. (Click on Mileva Maric to see the chart.)

Following the Moon: Oct. 20, 2021GGAMoon

I expected more surprises out of the New Moon chart for Oct. 6. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) In fact, the only real surprise came the day of the New Moon, when Mitch McConnell suddenly changed course and allowed the Senate to apply a temporary fix to the debt limit crisis. That move definitely had the quirky earmarks of Uranus and the quincunx aspect but it only postponed the real confrontation until later in the year.

The most positive thing to come out of this lunation period was a notable decrease in the number of COVID infections and deaths. This was not necessarily a sudden change but it did give us all reason to hope. Of course, that news came with the startling reports of rising prices and a clogged supply chain.

I had mentioned that any change that came out of the New Moon chart would come out of conflict. We didn’t get much change but we did get plenty of conflict as liberals and conservatives wrangled over the infrastructure bill and the budget. We also got some Uranian defiance from people subpoenaed by the commission investigating the January 6 invasion of the U.S. Capitol.

The Sun in the Twelfth House Across the Centuries

Catherine de Medici was the Queen Consort and then the Queen Mother of France from 1558 to 1589. During this period Catherine was a powerful person and the de facto ruler of that country. She may seem like a distant and obscure figure now, but there are some interesting similarities between this Renaissance Queen’s horoscope and that of President Joe Biden. For one thing, they were both born with the Sun in the Twelfth House. (Click on Catherine de Medici to see the chart.)

Previously, I have pointed out how having the Sun in the Twelfth House seems to limit the effectiveness of people who aspire to positions of power. I have cited examples among previous U.S. presidents, such as Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. This tendency extends to rulers of other nations at other times as well. Catherine is a good example.

Mark Zuckerberg and the Cycle of SaturnZuckerbergImage

We don’t have a time of birth for Mark Zuckerberg and that limits what we can see in his horoscope. (Click on Mark Zuckerberg to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth.) However, even with a partial horoscope we can see that this is a big year for the CEO of Facebook. This is a year in which he has an important Saturn Cycle aspect.

In June 2021 Saturn made a hard, 90 degree aspect with its natal place in Zuckerberg’s horoscope. The aspect will hit again in November 2021 and January 2022. Saturn Cycle aspects typically bring us new challenges. They are also times when we are called upon to defend our past accomplishment. Saturn is the planet of judgement, the judgement of our bosses, our peers and, in some cases, Senate sub-committees.