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BillClinton Image
Astrology at Work: The Impeachment of Bill Clinton

Last week I discussed the impeachment proceedings brought against Richard Nixon. (Click here to see the article.) For a lot of people, 1974 is ancient history. Nowadays, when people think about impeachment they are more likely to think of 1998 and 1999 and stains on a red dress.

Richard Nixon’s troubles started when a Saturn transit set off the paranoia of which Capricorns, particular with they are feeling insecure, are often prone. In Clinton’s case it was a secondary progression that sparked the self-indulgence toward which Leos are sometimes inclined. In July 1995, when Clinton’s secondary progressed Venus was square his natal Sun, a young woman named Monica Lewinsky joined the staff at the White House. Before long President Clinton’s interest in this impressionable intern became sexual. (Click on Bill Clinton to see the horoscope.)

MoonImagePurpleFollowing the Moon: Oct. 13, 2019

In the New Moon chart for Sept. 28 (click here to see the article and the chart) we had both the Sun and Moon in the Ninth House of ideology. I predicted that we would see liberals and conservatives return to their respective corners and harden their positions. I had hoped that the aspects to the Sun and Moon would produce some cracks in that ideological stalemate but, so far, those cracks have been minimal.

I had also predicted that there would be a slowing of events in Washington. We saw that early in the cycle, with Democrats waiting for testimony from a second whistle-blower and the President holding back witnesses, but the pace has seemed to quicken recently. The good news that I saw coming for President Trump turned out to be the signing of a trade agreement with Japan and the possibility of the first steps toward a deal with China. However, that good news has largely been drowned out by the impeachment hearings and a series of legal setbacks for the President.

Astrology at Work: The Impeachment of Richard Nixon

The impeachment inquiry going on in Congress right now is dominating the news. It’s also got people recalling previous efforts to impeach a sitting president. There have been three and only one was in any way successful. In 1974 Richard Nixon chose to resign from office rather than face an impeachment vote in the Senate that he was sure to lose. I thought it would be interesting to look back at what was going on in Nixon's chart during this period. (Click on Richard Nixon to see his horoscope.)

Appropriately enough (from an astrological perspective) Nixon’s troubles began during a Saturn transit. On June 13, 1971, just as transiting Saturn was conjunct Nixon's natal Saturn, The New York Times published excerpts from Daniel Elsberg's upcoming book, “The Pentagon Papers”, which contained secrets regarding the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War. The information was not particularly embarrassing to Nixon but, on advice from Henry Kissinger, he decided to get a court order for the Times to stop publishing the excerpts.

Decisions we make under a Saturn transit often have importance that is not immediately apparent. When the court ruled against Nixon in this matter it set off a wave of paranoia in the White House. A group of his supporters who went by the name “The White House Plumbers” came together with the aim of protecting their president from this sort of leak. A list of “enemies” was formed and these men went to work trying to undermine these people.

A Stent for Bernie SanderssanderBImage

Earlier this year I predicted (click here to see the article) that the opposition by transiting Neptune to Bernie Sanders’ Sun could cause him health problems. Though it’s a little be latter than I thought it would be, that had come to pass. Sanders went into the hospital with chest pains this week and had stents put into his arteries.

I don’t think anyone expects this to slow Bernie Sanders down for long. Even though we don’t have a complete horoscope for Sanders, a chart done for noon on his date of birth (click here to see the horoscope) shows that he has both the Moon and Mars in Aries. It’s this big dose of Aries energy that is behind the Vermont Senator’s aggressive style and it will likely power him through this health crisis.

The astrology of the current situation is also on Bernie’s side. Neptune is currently moving retrograde back toward its opposition to his Sun, but it does not complete this aspect. Neptune turns direct in late November at 15Pisces56. (Bernie’s Sun is at 15Virgo35.) Also, Jupiter is nearing an opposition aspect to Sanders’ natal Jupiter and Saturn is trine his natal Sun. The Jupiter aspect will increase Sanders’ optimism while the Saturn trine will make him anxious to get down to business.