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Is Donald Trump Serious?trumpimage

Donald Trump recently announced that he is running for the Republican nomination for president. Since Trump flirted heavily with a run for the same nomination in 2012, and then threw his support to Mitt Romney, a lot of people are having trouble taking this announcement seriously. And yet, a look at Trump’s horoscope tells us that this time could be different. (Cick on the name to see Donald Trump's chart.)

Late last year Saturn rolled across Trump’s I.C., the point directly opposite the Midheaven in his horoscope. As I point out in my book “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life” Saturn transits like this one mark important turning point in our lives. So it seems likely that Trump’s decision to run was either made at this time, or that it comes out of events that occurred during this period.

When Saturn crosses the I.C. it generally gets us to thinking about home. For a younger person it often coincides with moving away from your childhood home or establishing a home of your own. For an older person like Trump, however, it has more to do with one’s legacy. It’s about the ultimate home-leaving that is death, and what we will leave behind.

Donald Trump was born during an eclipse, with his Sun opposed to the Moon and conjunct the North Node of the Moon. Early astrologers would have seen this as an important omen. However, modern astrologers, particularly those who have followed Trump's career, would probably focus more on the conjunction of his Mars with his Leo Ascendant.  This combination tends to produce leadership, but also a lot of aggression and egocentric bluster.

Back in 2012, when Trump began making noises about running, he poll numbers were actually pretty good. After all, thanks to his television show, numerous books and constant self-promotion, Trump probably has more name recognition than all the other Republican candidates combined. Considering how crowded the field is right now, Trump could make a strong showing, if he could get people to take his candidacy seriously.

That may be a big problem. I’ve done a lot of research on the conjunctions to the Nodes. When the Sun is conjunct the North Node, as it is in Trump’s chart, it produces a strong ego with a great deal of confidence and charisma. However, people with the Moon conjunct the South Node, also like Trump, are often viewed by others as outsiders and odd balls, as a person out of sync with the majority. Trump’s egotism will certainly get him a great deal of attention. Getting voters to see him as someone they can follow will be much more difficult.

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